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Do not waste more time
If, after trying different types of business English courses, you or any member of your team continues to resist… Could it be because you have not used the correct method?
Stop wasting time and money and have your company members speaking English at once with our English for professionals and executives classes

What does this English training offer for professionals and executives?

We can offer you a formula adapted to the level of each employee since classes are held with a maximum of two students at the same time, and the Quick Language method that we use at the academy guarantees that between three months and one years they can develop their work in English.

Training for companies. Excellent value for money

If English is important in your business and you want to improve the your team English or yours, and with total satisfaction guarantee, take a look at the next Key Questions about what we can do for you.
We invite you to try it now, for free. If you are interested in our training programs for businesses, just get in touch with us.

Key Questions

What is it?
Business English classes provide you a very specific Language program for professionals who work with English-speaking clients in several settings.
We put he focus on the specific vocabulary of business world and its expression, and you´ll learn how to continuous acquiring more vocabulary by yourself using our exclusive «Facilitated Visual Memory Method»

Who can attend?
This course has been designed for all those who want to improve their communication skills in a professional environment.
Targeted professions include human resources and business people, social workers, sellers, public relations, managers and middle managers, etc.

How much language do I need to know?
The programs are designed for Beginner-Intermediate levels. You will have to speak with your teacher to determine your knowledge of English.
But if you doesn´t have enough level, we´ll help you. With our B1 Level English Training, you will reach the level you need in order to get good Business English.

What is taught in the classes?
The program at 1 Bla Bla academy is focused on communicative competence. To work properly to get a good communication in this area of English, you will learn the expressions and vocabulary of each area, and you will review your grammar skills using «La Lógica del Inglés», an exclusive system to understand and use fluently English structures.
After you acquire the each part required vocabulary, you will be exposed to real-life situations to fix the new knowledge through experience.
In order to accommodate a variety of learning styles, lessons are designed to use various teaching techniques such as lecture, question & answer, role-play, quizzes, homework and above all client simulations. Classes are taught in Spanish/English.

What will you be able to do end the program?
It depends on what will be your goal for the classes. The first we do is to establish a objective and a timeline to reach it. The length of this period varies depending on the time available and the ambitiousness of the term.
But in general you will improve your vocabulary and acknowledge about when to use each word or expressions you learned and ways to act right in variety of business settings.

How big is each group in the business classes?
One teacher only give classes to no more than two people. And we try to match people based on age, level of English, training, etc.
Normally, you will learn a how to learn and memorizing foreign words with a second language vocabulary memorizing specialist, and after your will work with a native specialized business English teacher. First you acquire the necessary tools, and after you will take advantage of use these tools.

What types of English will you taught?
The focus of this program is to help Spanish professionals work with English speakers clients, providers, etc.
So, we will be using appropriate vocabulary and grammar for different type of professionals and for the two major English-speaking world areas, the European and the North American.

What cultural information will be covered?
Our program will focus on relevant business cultural information that would impact your ability to best work with your clients, providers, etc.
Some topics will cover are social English, numbers and figures, the office and the company, writing and telephone in English, negotiations and legal documents, computer and internet terms, financial terms, marketing etc.

Is the program accredited?

Who are the staff?
The teachers are committed to helping you. Both, the Native and non-native teachers come from a variety of backgrounds. All of them have experience teaching English and all have worked a lot with professionals from the world of business.

Can I contact the program leader?
We’ll be glad to connect you with our program. Please contact us (610 048 028) with any specific questions which you are interested, or visit us. You will be welcome.

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